Mina is a precious little girl recently rescued from an orphanage in Eastern Europe who is now finally home with her forever family! She had been without a mother or father to love her & care for her each day. No one to rock her, kiss her gently or tell her she's loved. She is blessed with an extra chromosome known as Down syndrome, which for her that meant a life of being viewed as worthless in the country she was born into & a life without hope. Because of this her parents gave her up at the age of 6 months when they found out the diagnosis & from there her life progressivly went down hill. We are the Gower family residing in OKC who recently adopted this little angel. She was extremely malnourished and unable to do just about anything when we first met her. She will be 2 in January & is the size of a 3-6 month old weighing 14lbs. She continues to amaze us at how quickly she is progressing with love and nutrition. She has learned to sit up, roll over, feed herself finger foods, hold her own bottle and loves to interact with toys and other children. Her life has changed so much in such a short period of time and will forever be changed! Thank you Lord for putting a burden on our hearts to rescue this little blessing and making her apart of our family!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our phone # and venture out!

Okay we are much more rested now. We went back to sleep from about 4am-noon. Got a knock on our door and it was Nikolai bringing us our phone. For anyone in our family that would like to call us or any RR families here (WE WOULD LOVE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU.) Our # is 011380507320417. You can call through Skype to that # and I believe it is about 17 cents a minute! To our fam We would love to talk to you! We miss you all!

Heres some pics of town:

All we could get from Myla :)

We ventured out today and walked around a little town square like area. We went into a mall and carried Myla in her stroller up and down a ton of steps everywhere we went. We thought it would be fun to go into a store and look at some of their clothes for fun... well we got in the store just fine but when we left the store alarm started beeping. So then someone from the store comes up to us and we tell them we only speak English. She goes and gets someone who speaks a bit of english and he looked through Jim's backpack and stroller. I guess the electronics must have set it off... not quite sure cause on the way out the second time of course it didn't go off. We decided we would wait to go in anymore stores when we did not have Jim's backpack with us :) We found a restaurant called Kpum. It was really good and had a menu in English. Jim got some sort of Beef tip dish and I got greek salad and some sort of stuffed pasty with meat and cheese. Myla loved that!! They had wifi there but we got 6 different password and login information sheets and everyone of them said they were out of minutes so we gave up.

After walking back to our apartment we thought we should call Yulia to find out where wifi or an internet cafe is. She said McDonalds so we left and went to McDonalds hoping for wifi. We had a coke and fries and were told by the manager there was no wifi there so these blog posts are going to keep being postponed. He told us go down to the mall for wifi but we already tried that earlier today and there was no luck. We left McDonalds headed back to our apartment and I kept my phone out to check for wifi spots!.... Yay we found one!!! Outside of a hotel accept they had a little entry area with tables where we sat. Hopefully we're not breaking any rules :)

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