Mina is a precious little girl recently rescued from an orphanage in Eastern Europe who is now finally home with her forever family! She had been without a mother or father to love her & care for her each day. No one to rock her, kiss her gently or tell her she's loved. She is blessed with an extra chromosome known as Down syndrome, which for her that meant a life of being viewed as worthless in the country she was born into & a life without hope. Because of this her parents gave her up at the age of 6 months when they found out the diagnosis & from there her life progressivly went down hill. We are the Gower family residing in OKC who recently adopted this little angel. She was extremely malnourished and unable to do just about anything when we first met her. She will be 2 in January & is the size of a 3-6 month old weighing 14lbs. She continues to amaze us at how quickly she is progressing with love and nutrition. She has learned to sit up, roll over, feed herself finger foods, hold her own bottle and loves to interact with toys and other children. Her life has changed so much in such a short period of time and will forever be changed! Thank you Lord for putting a burden on our hearts to rescue this little blessing and making her apart of our family!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Physical therapy!

So physical therapy has finally begun for Mina and it is going great. She has only had 2 physical therapy sessions and is such a fast learner. She has physical therapy 2 times a month for now and if more is needed we will increase it, but they think she is doing extremely well and picking up on everything quickly so it will just be a matter of time and practice for her to learn how to do things.

We have been working on teaching her to go from the sitting position to lying down and from lying down back up to the sitting position. The first day we started working on it by the end of the physical therapy session she did it all by herself trying to get a toy!! Going from lying down to sitting up has been a little bit more of a challenge as she continues to gain the muscle strength but she is doing great. I have walked in her room several times to her sitting up in her crib... now the catch is I don't know if she is actually sitting up on her own or pulling herself up by her bumper or possibly big sister may have helped sit her up. Haven't quite caught this one in action. She does however grab hold of your hand with one of hers and push with her other to pull herself up. Also lately if she is lying on her back and I am leaning over her she will do sit ups to come up and kiss me :) So precious!!! She LOVES to give kisses!! I get 100s of kisses everyday!! She also has added Dadda to her new list of vocabulary words. Horray!!! Daddy is very excited about this one!

Another thing we have been working on is knee time or the crawling position. She hates being up on her knees but is starting to get a little more used to the idea. We have used a motivating toy to get her to stay up on her knees as she plays with it and watches the balls go around and recently she actually let go of the toy table and was just sitting on her knees for about 5 minutes (very exciting!!) Now the crawling position on her hands and knees usually results in several tears... she just doesn't like it but she will do it for a little while before she realizes she can successfully get out of that position on her own. Hopefully before to much longer this little one will take off crawling :) and then this mama will have to do more chasing around. LOL
Mina has also been doing great with potty training. She still doesn't tell me when she needs to go but sometimes when I ask her she will actually shake her head. Usually if her diaper is dry when I check it we will take her potty and 99.9% of the time she will always go & gets so excited!! Lately I've only had to change 1-2 diapers a day! Horray!!

She is really doing wonderful developmentally for the short time she's been home with us and we are so proud of our girl!!

Video of Mina going from sitting to crawling around.

In the crawling position

Spending time on her knees

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Crystal said...

She is so adorable. She looks so happy. I can't believe how different she looks in such a short amount of time. Her bows are always so pretty, do you make them?